Monday, July 30, 2007

Ave Maria Town

Checked out the Ave Maria town on Sat (July 28, 2007) and found the Catholic town to be very impressive. The Oratory is located in the middle of the town and all of the various communities spiral out from it. Despite the controversy surrounding the Oratory it was very beautiful. It was not made out of glass as was originally intended. The front and back were stone and the body was metallic with windows. They intend to consecrate this Oratory this coming week and it will be used primarily for celebration of the Latin Mass.
The town itself was charming, pristine and well thought out. It will be a walking community and each subdivision (housing, university, commercial, condo, townhome) will have their own satellite chapel for Eucharistic Adoration and Daily Mass.
It's worth a visit and the University is definitely top notch as far as it's orthodoxy/authenticity is concerned. It's also expanding rapidly - expected to have 6000+ students soon, and the law school opens in a few weeks. It remains to be seen how this community concept will work out!
Ryan (1) in front of the Oratory in Ave Maria. 75 foot Crucifix being installed near where he is standing.
The back of the Oratory.
This is a picture of the town area - surrounding the Oratory.
View from the far side of the University area.
The town area (under contstruction still) leading up to rear of the Oratory.